Enroll Now / Tution and Fees




Tuition and Fees



 Quarterly registration fee: $100.00
 Block Tuition: $260.00  
 Monthly Payment Plan: $70.00

* Textbooks NOT included




 Quarterly registration fee: $50.00
 Block Tuition : $350.00 ($50 savings)
 Monthly Payment Plan: $120.00

 * Textbooks NOT included



 Quarterly registration fee: $100.00 
 Block Tuition: $680.00 ($100 savings)
 Monthly Payment Plan: $200.00

* Textbooks NOT included

Life experience Credits

You’ve spent your time in Ministry learning hands on. Now you can earn credit for it toward your degree. Turn your passions like preaching, visiting the sick, counseling, ministry work , etc into religious vocational degree credits. LABU  will accredit you for what you’ve already learned from your experience in Ministry.

If you have a lot of knowledge and practical experience in Ministry but no diploma, degree, or certification to show for it, life experience credits may give you some of the recognition you deserve. LABU reviews students’ ministry experience and grants experience credits based on what students have done in ministry.

LABU may  request a portfolio that proves your experience. Materials will vary depending on what your experience has been, but will include any documents that demonstrate your knowledge and experience in Ministry. Possible materials may include:

• Resumes

• Letters of ministry work from your Pastor, Bishop, or Church

• Awards you have received

• Reference letters of people who are familiar with you in ministry

• Multimedia (photographs, videos, etc.)

• Certificates

• Newspaper articles/ magazine clippings


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